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March 2022
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Why innovative corporations progressively invest in video e-learning in 2022


As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic many industries have shifted their work to online activities. Despite the abrupt negative impact on the global economy, digitalization has benefited the most - according to a study by the European Parliament conducted in 2021 the pandemic has acted as an accelerator for the digitalization of innovation, research and education in the European Union.

For many educational institutions, the impact of the pandemic has come in the form of digital teaching and many e-learning platforms experiencing an increase in participants. The good news is that the sector will continue to boom as the e-learning market value was projected to reach $660.8 Billion by 2027. As many educators struggle to engage students online, video learning offers great and powerful possibilities to produce impactful content.

In this article we take a closer look on how you can take advantage of video to transform your online learning experience.

Traditional learning experience

When it comes to traditional learning we often encounter the following situation. We have an educator, students and a white board or screen with a presentation of educational information. The students have the opportunity to take notes and ask questions while the information is presented. This interactive, social setting of traditional learning has a couple of key benefits, but also disadvantages.

More interaction

The interactive, social setting, also known as classroom learning offers students to have face-to-face interactions with their peers and educators. While the information is presented, they have the opportunity to ask their peers and educators questions. This serves as an educational aid.

One disadvantage from this social setting is that this can also be distracting. Especially when the information is presented only once and a certain level of focus is required. Although the social environment and therefore increase of interaction might be stimulating in participating in class, it can also decrease the level of engagement in the actual information presented.

The environment

Classroom learning is a traditional setting we all know back from our days in school. The environment aids in showing the behavior that is wanted: actual learning. As stated above this also can have a negative impact on the actual learning progress due to the decrease of engagement and focus.

Another disadvantage here is that you will have to be physically present at a certain time, which often includes some amount of time to get to the classroom as well.

Benefits of interactive video learning

As stated before, a result of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic many industries have shifted their work to online activities. Although it has been quite a switch of many, it also has brought us major benefits in terms of digitalization of innovation, research and education.

When it comes to corporate e-learning, interactive video teaching plays a leading role in educating students in a productive and efficient way. Firstly, there is no physical attendance needed at a certain time. Educational videos can be played and rewinded at any time of day, no matter where you are. Notes can be made more precisely, and students can decide to pause and resume the video at any time. Giving your students every tool and control in their e-learning experience.

Additionally, e-learning via interactive video offers the technological opportunity to combine smart features such as advanced content protection, premium video quality, customatizion and in-depth analytics. Therefore, it is no wonder corporate e-learning could see a boost of over 250% between 2017 to 2026.

How to choose the right video hosting provider for your online courses?

To provide a unique learning experience, it matters what video hosting platform you use. But how to make sure you’ve chosen the perfect OVP (online video platform)?

Consider the interactive element of your platform - the ability to add customized buttons, attachments, links and subtitles to better engage with your students. Additionally, making sure the OVP you’ve chosen uses premium content security protection - afterall, no one wants their videos to be distributed and used without their permission.

At Kinescope, we offer a complete solution for e-learning videos with advanced interactive tools to help you improve the e-learning experience for your students. Based on our API (Application Programming Interface), we made it possible to add notes to video timestamps. Use chapters, subtitles, playlists and even attachments directly in your video player making online education smooth and engaging.

100% secured content library

We understand that when it comes to corporate privacy, it is essential for the video content of your library to be stored securely and safely..

Therefore, with Kinescope your videos are protected like never before with watermarks, heavy encryptions and custom privacy settings. Even if someone manages to download your videos, they cannot be played due to enterprise-grade DRM encryption and complex authorization algorithms. Easily whitelist certain domains for gaining access to all or particular videos, which prevents embedding and download to keep your content library secured.

Unlock your videos’ performance with in-depth analytics

To know how your videos are performing, you get detailed analytics directly from the dashboard. Viewers’ anonymised behavior analytics data is sent from the player to our data warehouse in order to improve Kinescope day by day. At your fingertips you can see your viewer rate, unique users, average engagement, devices used and many more features.

Discover Kinescope today

Shift your e-learning to the next level by discovering Kinescope today. Trusted by large-scale EdTech, our mission is to introduce every corporation with the benefits of e-learning and the smart tools of Kinescope.

Strong download protection, customizable player with interactive learning tools, live streaming and powerful analytics. All in one place.

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