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Grow sales
with the power
of video

Reading product descriptions is boring. Give shoppers a real sense of what you're selling by adding video showcases, product reviews, and video feedback options.

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More than 50% of buyers
believe that video simplifies
product choice

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How can video help your business?

Organic traffic growth

Kinescope video is optimized for search engines to be ranked higher. Built-in video SEO directs more of your views and organic traffic to your product page, instead of a YouTube channel.

Better user experience

Video allows you to examine your product from all sides, so that the buyer's expectations match with reality. You benefit from a lower amount of abandoned shopping carts and returns.

Build trust and engagement

Explainer videos and educational videos help you build trust with your audience. This contributes to a successful customer relationship strategy.

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Product video reviews boost conversion by 73%


Live showcase

Make your website or application product card eye-catching and dynamic with video product or service tours displayed in a branded player.

Analytics data

Unlock the ability to upload videos to your customers and sellers, collect analytics data and use it to increase engagement and drive conversions.

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87% of people trust
video reviews

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Satisfied customers do sales for you

Video reviews on products and services improve the trust level of a e-commerce business. They are harder to fake, provide a better idea of ​​the product and reduce the bounce rate.

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30% of buyers
choose video over a standard manual

Интерфейс плеера Kinescope

Clear and accessible

When was the last time you assembled something according to paper manuals with text and schematic pictures?

With step-by-step videos on a website or in the app, it becomes much easier and faster. Use this experience to stand out from the competition.

But what about YouTube?

Сравнение Kinescope vs YouTube. Это YouTubeСравнение Kinescope vs YouTube. Это YouTube
Сравнение Kinescope vs YouTube. Это KinescopeСравнение Kinescope vs YouTube. Это Kinescope


YouTube is primarily a social network and not a toolset with a focus on e-commerce. There is also a lot of visual noise on YouTube: ads, recommendations of other account's videos, autoplay. This distracts the buyer's attention.


Kinescope is built for business with focused tools for marketing, support and sales on a website or in the app.

  • No ads from third-party brands and annoying recommendations.
  • Customize the appearance and behavior of the player.
  • Aggregate traffic on your landing pages, not on YouTube.
  • Built-in player CTA, lead forms. Widgets, stories and other mechanics.

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