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Monetize your video content

Build a unique viewing experience and boost revenues from video content distribution. Kinescope supports all major video ad formats so you can stay flexible.



Improve viewers' experience with the modern, fast and tech-advanced video player. Benefit from Full HD and 4K support, autoplay, return to playback option, subtitles support, multi-audio and much more.

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Видео "Женщина с микрофоном"

Video management reinvented

Панель управления Kinescope

Arrange videos with ease

Workspaces, projects, folders with unlimited nesting, tags: everything to organize your media hub. Work in team with access rights levels. Stay on top of everything with the detailed changelog.

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analytics at fingertips

Раздел аналитики Kinescope
Раздел аналитики Kinescope

Analyze  viewers's behavior: amount of views, play rate and average engagement. Track events like mute or rewind, player interactions and other metrics. Intuitive graphs to understand better which content attracts more attention and what helps to retain your audience.

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Grow revenue,
reduce costs


Effective monetization

Manage video advertising on your rules and earn more. Kinescope's player supports major ad formats: VAST, VPAID, IMA. Launch and combine pre-, mid-, and post-rolls from various advertisers.

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We use our own infrastructure and direct connectivity with Tier 1 carriers to offer high-volume video delivery at hosting level prices. We only charge for resources used and don't ask for commitments.

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Cutting-edge technologies under the hood

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Military grade video protection

We protect videos from unauthorized access at several levels, from secret signatures and CORS restrictions to DRM protection of video streams with ClearKey and Apple FairPlay encryption.

CDN focused on video

Tiered caching systems are designed to handle high volumes of video traffic. Kinescope's intelligent routing and streamlined network stack proved to dramatically reduce latency.

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Kinescope features


Customizable player with eye-catching design for any screen.

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Be in control of how and what your viewers are watching.

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