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Deminars: What are they and how to utilize them for success

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In the evolving world of e-learning and digital marketing, innovative strategies to engage clients and boost sales are crucial. Enter deminars – a blend of demonstration and webinar. This guide explores what deminars are, their distinction from traditional seminars and webinars, and their role in video marketing, particularly beneficial for video e-learning creators, marketeers, ecommerce coordinators, and business development assistants. Ready? Let’s dive into it.

So, what is a deminar?

A deminar is an interactive online session that blends elements of a webinar with live product demonstrations. Unlike traditional seminars or webinars, which may focus more on theory, deminars offer a hands-on showcase of products or services, allowing businesses to engage directly with their audience. This approach is not just theoretical but highly practical and engaging.

For a deeper understanding of how deminars can transform ecommerce through live interaction, consider reading our article on transforming e-commerce businesses with live shopping. This resource provides valuable insights into leveraging live demonstrations in the ecommerce domain.

One striking example of the effectiveness of this format is demonstrated by the success of a Chinese live streamer, Zheng Xiangxiang. By showcasing products for just three seconds each on Douyin, she earned 100 million yuan (about S$18.6 million) in just seven days​​. This example underscores the immense potential of deminars in capturing audience interest and driving significant sales in a very short period.

        source: @zheng.xiangxiang2 on Instagram

Types of deminars

Deminars, as a versatile tool in digital marketing and e-learning, vary greatly based on their format and interaction level. Understanding the different types of deminars can help businesses and content creators choose the most suitable format for their specific needs and audience. Here are the main types of deminars:

Live deminars
These involve real-time streaming, offering immediate audience interaction. They are ideal for product launches and events where instant feedback and engagement are crucial. Live deminars bring a dynamic and spontaneous edge, making them highly engaging for audiences seeking interaction and immediacy.

Hybrid deminars
Combining live and prerecorded segments, hybrid deminars balance control over content with real-time audience engagement. These are particularly useful for presentations that require both polished, preprepared content and the opportunity for live interaction. The hybrid format is versatile, catering to a wider audience by mixing the reliability of prepared content with the excitement of live engagement.

Prerecorded deminars
Fully recorded sessions offer consistency in delivery and are easily reusable. Perfect for standard product demonstrations, they allow viewers to engage with the content at their convenience. Prerecorded deminars are an excellent choice for delivering high quality, consistent messaging and are particularly useful when addressing global audiences across different time zones.

Utilizing deminars

Now we have defined what deminars are, and what type of deminars exist, let’s talk about how you can utilize deminars for your business. This is how deminars effectively enhance various business customer interactions:

Onboarding videos
Deminars are ideal for creating engaging onboarding experiences, offering hands-on introductions for new users. For insights into crafting virtual onboarding videos, see our article on Creating Impactful Virtual Onboarding Videos.

Product demos
These sessions allow businesses to demonstrate products live, showcasing key features and benefits interactively, answering customer queries on the spot.

Exclusive deals
Presenting exclusive deals during deminars can drive immediate client action, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Customer engagement
Deminars offer opportunities for direct customer engagement through live Q&A sessions, polls, and interactive elements.

Feedback and insights
The interactive nature of deminars allows businesses to gather valuable feedback and insights directly from their audience, crucial for product development and customer service improvement.

Brand awareness
Hosting deminars enhances brand visibility and establishes businesses as industry thought leaders.

Educational content
Beyond product demos, deminars can provide educational content related to a business's industry, adding value to the customer experience.

Tips for creating a successful deminar

Creating a successful deminar requires more than just a good idea and basic technical setup. It involves strategic planning, understanding your audience, and utilizing the right tools and techniques to deliver an engaging and impactful experience. Whether you're a seasoned digital marketer, an e-learning professional, or a business owner looking to connect with your audience in a meaningful way, these tips will guide you through the essential steps of crafting a deminar that captivates, educates, and converts.
From choosing the right platform to engaging your audience effectively, each tip is designed to help you maximize the potential of your deminar and achieve your communication and marketing objectives. Here are our ten best tips for creating a successful deminar:

  1. Choose the right platform
    Selecting a platform that resonates with your audience is crucial. As highlighted in our blog, it's important to consider platforms that support diverse video traffic and offer customization options that align with your brand voice. For example, we provide a platform tailored for ecommerce video creators, offering features like customizable players and direct website traffic redirection​​.
  2. Plan in advance
    A well-structured plan enhances the clarity and comprehensiveness of your deminar. Outlining the session in detail helps in maintaining focus and delivering a coherent message. Include key points you want to address, and ensure your content aligns with your audience's interests and needs.
  3. Make it interactive
    Engaging your audience through interactive elements like Q&A sessions, polls, and live chat can significantly enhance the deminar experience. Encouraging participation not only keeps the audience engaged, but also provides valuable feedback.
  4. Select appropriate software
    Choose software that supports your deminar's format and goals. Look for features like high quality video streaming, reliable connectivity, and interactive tools. Our offerings, for instance, include high resolution video capabilities and customizable elements that can enhance your deminar's impact.
  5. ​​Prepare for interaction
    Anticipate potential questions and be ready to engage with your audience. This preparation ensures a smooth and responsive session, where participants feel heard and valued.
  6. Ensure good video and audio quality
    High quality video and audio are essential for a professional deminar experience. Film in high resolution, and use good lighting and audio equipment. A microphone with noise cancellation can significantly improve audio clarity​​.
  7. Keep content short and dynamic
    Most viewers prefer videos that are concise and engaging. Aim for a sweet spot of 12 minutes for each segment to maintain attention. Edit out any unnecessary parts to keep the content crisp and focused​​.
  8. Create customer-centric content
    Focus on topics that resonate with your audience. Choose subjects that are relevant and beneficial to them, rather than just focusing on your product or service. This approach helps in building trust and credibility​​.
  9. Incorporate closeups and real life scenarios
    Closeup shots in product videos can highlight details and add dynamism. Slice-of-life videos or scenarios where team members participate can make your content more relatable and genuine, fostering a stronger connection with your audience​​.
  10. Leverage community building and brand awareness
    Use your deminar to strengthen your brand community and increase brand awareness. Providing valuable content that addresses your audience's needs can help in building a loyal follower base and potentially turn them into brand advocates​​.

Final thoughts

Success in deminars lies in thorough preparation, interactive engagement, and showcasing your product in its best light. Deminars are a transformative tool in e-learning and digital marketing, offering diverse formats to connect with clients and showcase products effectively. They blend the best of live interaction and detailed product exploration, making them invaluable for businesses seeking to enhance engagement and conversion.
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