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March 2022
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How to optimize your video funnel and increase conversions

Video marketing

Analyzing the data behind your video performance is an important task every business hosting videos deals with. Often you can become lost (and overwhelmed) in an extensive amount of information. You have probably built a video funnel to carefully store and analyze the data; but it still seems the conversions from videos keep disappearing somewhere in the middle of the funnel, and the traffic doesn’t reach your website.

In this article, we dive into a few key metrics to look at to better optimize your video funnel.

Why a video funnel is important

Sharing business videos online can have multiple purposes. To create brand awareness and mere exposure, to introduce a new product or service, or just to share informative content. On the bottom line, the ultimate goal of sharing your business videos online is that you want to add value to your brand or company.

Lots of people measure the success of an online video based on views, likes, comments and shares in terms of engagement. But how does this data turn into actual profit? This is where your video funnel and conversion rate optimization come into play.

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the process of optimizing your video funnel experience based on website visitor behavior to help improve the chances of taking desired actions (the so-called conversions) on the said video. To do so you have to have a clear vision of your video funnel, the traffic that goes to your website and more importantly - where people get lost.

What about YouTube?

When it comes to using traditional online video platforms such as YouTube - to host and promote your videos - there are a few key advantages many businesses rely on. First of all, YouTube is an open-source platform. You can upload your video in a couple of seconds and share your content with the world. It is free to use, an easy way to share information, has multiple possibilities to generate revenue with ads and it is accessible for everyone. Of course this also comes with a downside.

Because your videos are accessible for everyone it is hard to protect your content against unauthorized downloads. If you haven’t uploaded the videos with the purpose of them being distributed to the general audience, content protection becomes an obstacle. In addition, when you host a video on YouTube it will eventually direct your precious traffic back to - you guessed it - YouTube. This makes it quite difficult to protect, overview and optimize your video funnel.

Advanced online video platform

An advanced online video platform, or so-called OTT (Over-The-Top Platform) such as Kinescope has everything to grow your business with the power of video. In contrast to some widely available hosting solutions such as YouTube or Vimeo the traffic is directly sent to your website. But there is more.  Like every marketing professional will tell you, the most crucial thing is knowing your audience and what engages them. Imagine what you could do with your video funnel if you could dive deep into the engagement rate of every video per second.

Optimizing your funnel with Kinescope

When it comes to optimizing your video funnel and increasing engagement, Kinescope offers top-of-the-bill smart marketing tools to increase your conversion rate.  Track your viewers’ behavior through the amount of views, unique visitors, play rate and average engagement. Go in-depth with advanced analytics showing you where viewers come from, devices and browsers they use, the popularity of your videos and even live analytics perfect for live streaming!

Building the ultimate video funnel

The real magic happens when you match your user IDs with video analytics events and get segmented data via Kinescope’s API. Discover the custom needs of your (potential) customers by viewing what triggers their attention per second and keeps them hooked. Understanding your audience and what triggers them per event is the perfect starting point for optimizing existing funnels and building even better ones. You can start by analyzing your data directly from Kinescope’s dashboard. Use all this data analytics to understand your customers better and build a customer profile to optimize your video funnels to their full potential.

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March 2022
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