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May 2023
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New payment model at Kinescope

More flexibility according to your business needs

What's new?

Here at Kinescope we have always been 100% dedicated to creating the best possible video experience for our clients - from our private infrastructure, by making content security a top priority to constantly working on new and better features with the ultimate goal of elevating your video experience to the next level.

While we are always working towards improving the Kinescope platform, we are also devoted to the idea of giving you more flexibility and options - to customize your video player, add and manage team members, livestream and be fully aware of your consumption costs with conveniently presented monthly overviews. 

For these reasons we have changed our payment model - more options, more flexibility for you. 

Let’s see what the new payment options are:

3 pricing plans - Free, Super and Mega

1) Free - €0/month

Everything essential you would need when starting with Kinescope

We continue to have our ‘Forever Free’ option - the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Kinescope’s resources and platform and test it out. 

What is included:
You can download, store and play videos, as well as livestream for free. But there are certain limitations on volume and on some functionalities.

Who is it perfect for:
Anyone who wants to store a few videos and has a small audience to send the videos to. For example: users who are looking to keep videos for personal use, small projects, small business landing pages, or just testing out the platform.

2) Super - starting from €10/month 

More storage and HD streaming + DRM encryption
The new Super plan gives you all of Kinescope’s resources, as well as the option to enable Digital Rights Management system for any video/project you wish and protect it from unauthorized download (you can read more about the benefits of DRM here).

What is included:
Our Super plan continues to reflect our Pay-as-you-go pricing that we’ve had until now, i.e you pay based on your consumption.

With this plan you always pay a minimum €10 (starting price) per month and the final price will be based on your combined total amount of bandwidth and usage.

💡 Important 

€10 is the minimal fee on the Super plan per month. This amount is added to your account every month as 'credits' that will be consumed first. It’s important to note that if you have a Super plan and you consume less than €10 per month, you are still going to be billed €10. To take advantage of more storage, CDN or live streaming you are billed per GB (see full breakdown of consumption fees further in the article).

You receive unlimited video storage space (the final amount is calculated based on your total monthly consumption), CDN traffic, live streaming, DRM encryption, 4K video quality, free migration from other video platforms (such as Vimeo or YouTube), unlimited workspace members.
You pay only for the resources that get consumed on the 1st day of the month following the billing month (Pay-as-you-go), but not less than €10 per month.
Who is it perfect for:
Businesses for which videos are vital, for example e-learning creators and platforms or media projects, as well as users who want to benefit from additional storage, volume and DRM encryption.

And that’s not all - we’re working on further simplifying our Pay-as-you go Super plan that will be based on 2 parameters:

1) Minutes of stored video;

2) Minutes of played video;

Coming in the summer/autumn period of 2023.

3) Mega - Custom pricing

For even bigger storage and traffic needs

Are you a video-based company, e-learning solution or media that stores thousands of video in HD and 4K quality or perhaps does many livestreams? The ‘Mega’ plan is perfect for you! 

This plan allows you to choose flexible payment terms, as well as offer technical solutions such as classic CDN caching and S3-compatible object data storage.

What is included:

Multi-CDN and S3 storage; guaranteed level of availability according to SLA; individual terms of payment incl. annual contract payment; dedicated technical support; integration maintenance.

Who is it perfect for

Enterprises that need large volumes (storage or traffic) or have a unique business model.

You can always downgrade or upgrade your payment plan - at any time during the month without any obligation or additional fees.

Traffic, storage and transcoding fees

We calculate consumption costs per GB. The larger the volume, the lower the rate.

Here is a breakdown of the consumption fees at Kinescope:

                                                              Price (€)

1. CDN traffic per GB 

First 1 000                                     0.03

Next 5 000                                    0.02

Next 15 000                                  0.015

Next 30 000                                 0.01

More than 50 0000                   On request

2. Video storage per GB 

First 1 000                                     0.03

Next 20 000                                  0.02

More than 20 0000                    On request

3. Video processing and transcoding per GB 

First 60 000                                  0.01

More than 60 000                      On request

CDN traffic

CDN traffic (Video Delivery) - data on the network that is transmitted from the server to the player when watching video, the traffic is not counted when downloading. The actual traffic consumption is counted in gigabytes and is charged once a month. For example, if your 30 minutes video in 1080p quality has a size of 1 GB, and the viewer watched half of it - it means 0.5 GB will be charged. It's not always clear how much traffic your viewers will consume, so you can assume that showing 1000 minutes of video will cost about €0.60. The larger the volume, the cheaper it gets.


Transcoding or video preparation is when you upload your original video file, we make sure to create a 1080/720/480p, etc. rendition of it for playback in the player. This process on the Kinescope cloud happens on CPU’s and graphic cards (GPU’s) and is charged by the minute of duration of the original video, and only once when uploading new videos. For example, your original video has a size of 0.041GB (41MB) and a duration of 10 minutes. After uploading it to Kinescope and preparing it we will get the following set of data:

We see that the total amount of data is 110MB, which is a little more than twice as much as the original. Alternatively (to request it you can reach out to us), we can disable the storage of original files, in which case you are responsible for them yourself, but in this case the storage volume is reduced.

Video storage

Video storage is the storage of all data (original, qualities in the player, attachments, posters) on the platform, charged according to actual consumption and paid once a month, while recalculated daily. Thus, for example, if you deleted half of your videos in the middle of the month, then from that day you stop paying for it. In the invoice it would look like this:

You can find our new Payment plans on our Pricing page.

Do you have any questions regarding our new payment plans? You can always reach out to us via the chat or send an email to

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